Folk Dance in Bunad

Bunad is the traditional costume in Norway. You won’t miss it if you happen to visit the country on May 17 (Kiat’sEyeView:SyttendeMai) when it is popularly worn for the national day celebration. Needless to say, bunad is naturally the costume of choice in traditional cultural event such as folk dancing. Shown here are my picture and video documentations of the midsummer day (23 June) performance in front of the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget) in 2007.

Norwegian Folk Dance 1

Norwegian Folk Dance 2

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Norwegian Stave Chruch

Stave churches are wooden churches from the Middle Ages in the Scandinavia, particularly Norway. Many of the Norwegian stave churches are well-preserved and can still be found throughout the country. I find the architecture of these churches to be some of the most intriguing in Europe. The pictures here show Gol Stave Church and Garmo Stave Church, which I have visited.

Gol Stave Church 1
Gol Stave Church (built 1235-1265), currently housed at the Norsk Folkemuseum in Oslo

Gol Stave Church 2
The altar and interior decorations of the Gol Stave Church

Garmo Stave Church
Garmo Stave Church (built 1190-1225), currently at the Maihaugen Museum in Lillehammer


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Canine Issue


Dog Waste Dublin

Translation: Use your head...or even better...USE DOG WASTE BAG!!

Dog Waste Oslo


Dog Waste Glasgow

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Syttende Mai

The Norwegians celebrate their national day on Syttende Mai or May 17,

Norwegian National Day 1

an occasion that features children's parades all over the country,

Norwegian National Day 2

with many turning out in the traditional costume bunad.

Norwegian National Day 3

Check out the album and videos for more coverage of the event in 2008:

Picture 1(click!)

Busy Like a Bee

If I am ever going to start a mood updater in this website (as the one in facebook), I'd begin by updating from THE PREVIOUS MOOD to THIS CURRENT ONE. Inspired by Bee Movie? Maybe...BuZzzzzz

Bee on a flower
Taken in Tøyen museum park, Oslo (07/2006)

In Search of Ice

A cold day at Lillehammer when liquid turned solid, cool!

Lillehammer Maihaugen
Maihaugen of Lillehammer, Norway (11/2007)

Small Town Charm

The main shopping street (Storgata) of Lillehammer has a fine collection of characteristic old buildings, contrary to their stereotypical modern counterpart in big cities. Small town charm or big city sophistication? You choose!

Storgata of Lillehammer, Norway (11/2007)

Recharging...a Car

I suppose an electric vehicle (EV) is not alien to most people but seeing one, being recharged in a neighborhood, is something new to me. This is taken in Norway, where electric car owner gets incentives like tax and toll exemptions, free parking and use of bus lane.

(28/08/07: I've been informed that Kewet Buddy, the one in the picture, is legally classified as a "four-wheel motorcycle" in Norway and thus does not get the incentives enjoyed by electric cars like Think, hence the recent demonstration, video news clip.)

Kewet Buddy in Norway
A Kewet Buddy electric car (EV) being recharged in Oslo, Norway (2007)

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