The Heart of Midlothian

I know Valentine's Day is in Feb, this is about something else. Located on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, the Heart of Midlothian is probably the most spitted on heart-shaped structure anywhere! Check out the links for the reason behind.

Heart of Midlothian
The Heart of Midlothian, Royal Mile, Edinburgh (12/2007)

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How much is that doggie and gin and rum in the window?

Doggie in the window
Shop front window display of a liquor store (off-license) at Royal Mile, Edinburgh (12/2007)

Man's Best Friend

The place referred to earlier as "Land of Tartan and Kilt" is actually better known as Scotland (as you might have guessed :-P). This statue in the capital tells the story of a faithful dog, known as Bobby.

Picture 2
The Statue of Greyfriars Bobby in Edinburgh (2006)