Wild Boars!

The bronze Florentine wild boar "Porcellino" at the Mercato Nuovo is probably not a must-see for visitors who flock to the city but its popularity is clearly reflected by its shinny snout, stroked for bringing good luck and to ensure a return to Florence in the future. There are also several copies (see link) of the sculpture around the world. The beast in front of the Moderna Museet in Stockholm certainly looks identical and there is a similar one in front of Deutsches Jagd- und Fischereimuseum in Munich. This group of wild boars does seem to roam over the continent!

Il Porcellino, Mercato Nuovo, Florence

Wild Boar Stockholm
Moderna Museet, Stockholm

Wild Boar Munich
Deutsches Jagd- und Fischereimuseum, Munich

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Rudolph Quiz

Which of the following pairs are Rudolph's parents?
A. Dasher and Dancer
B. Prancer and Vixen
C. Comet and Cupid
D. Donner and Blitzen

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Reindeers in Skansen
Reindeers grazing in the Skansen zoo, Stockholm (04/2006)

Two More Animal Facts Learnt

A brown bear can climb a tree and a grey squirrel can climb a wall!!!

Bears in Skansen
Brown bears in the Skansen zoo, Stockholm (04/2006)

Video: Grey squirrel outside the SIBS building, Glasgow (10/2006)