The End of EXUBERA

The approval of EXUBERA, the first inhaled insulin, in the States back in Jan 2006 was certainly an exuberant milestone in the treatment of diabetes. For many, the insulin powder to be taken via inhalation was the long-awaited replacement for painful insulin injections that many diabetics need. However, the exuberance came to an end in 18 Oct 2007 when Pfizer announced that it would no longer be making EXUBERA, largely due to poor sales. Check out the external links below to find out more.

EXUBERA stand at EASD annual meeting, Amsterdam (09/2007)

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Dolly the Sheep

This extraordinary sheep hit the headline in 1997 as the world's first cloned mammal, a testament to Scottish achievement in biotechnology. Dolly has now assumed a new educational role in the National Museum of Scotland.

Dolly the sheep
Dolly the sheep
"Dolly the sheep" in the Connect Gallery of the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh (12/2007)

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EASD 2007

Specially for those who are interested, some snapshots taken at the EASD (European Association for the Study of Diabetes) meeting took place recently (17-21/09/07) in Amsterdam.

EASD 2007 at RAI, Amsterdam (09/07)

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Las frutas

Do you eat at least five portions of fruits or vegetables per day? (find out more with 5 A Day brochure and webpage)

Las frutas
A fruit stall at the central market of Valencia, Spain (03/2007)