Zhongqiu Festival in Singapore

Zhongqiu (中秋, literally Mid-Autumn) has always been one of my favourite festivals since young. It is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar when the moon is supposedly to be the fullest and brightest. Family members and friends gather, enjoy mooncakes and carry colourful lanterns under the moonlit sky to celebrate the occasion. Zhongqiu is on 22 Sep this year in the Gregorian calendar.

Singapore Zhongqiu 1
Eu Tong Sen St./New Bridge Rd. with the festive decorations (22/09/2010)

Singapore Zhongqiu 2
Zhongqiu Festival celebrations in full swing at the Chinatown (22/09/2010)

Singapore Zhongqiu 3
Lantern display by the Singapore River at Clarke Quay (22/09/2010)


Folk Dance in Bunad

Bunad is the traditional costume in Norway. You won’t miss it if you happen to visit the country on May 17 (Kiat’sEyeView:SyttendeMai) when it is popularly worn for the national day celebration. Needless to say, bunad is naturally the costume of choice in traditional cultural event such as folk dancing. Shown here are my picture and video documentations of the midsummer day (23 June) performance in front of the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget) in 2007.

Norwegian Folk Dance 1

Norwegian Folk Dance 2

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Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010

I made a point of visiting the international hot air balloon fiesta in Putrajaya after missing out on the first ever such fiesta last year. The second hot air balloon fiesta was held from 18-21 Mar this year. Visitors were entertained by balloon fun fly, tethered balloon rides and other events throughout the days. Hot air balloons were transformed into gigantic lanterns after dark during the "Night Glow" event on 20 Mar. The whole day of festivities was then concluded with a short but spectacular fireworks display.

Putrajaya Balloon Fiesta 2010
"Night Glow" at the 2nd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta (20/03/2010)

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Vintage Vehicles in Munich

Like all the other central squares in cities and towns, the bustling Marienplatz of Munich is the perfect stage for major public events. During my recent visit, I came across this unusual gathering of vintage vehicles by MAN AG, a Munich-based engineering company. Munich was the first stop of the MAN on the road again tour, in conjunction with the company's 250th birthday.

Munich MAN AG 1Munich MAN AG 2
Vintage vehicle show in Munich by MAN AG (06/06/2008)

Glasgow West End Festival

West End Festival is back in Glasgow from Fri 13 to Sun 29 June this year, bringing a variety of cultural events to the city. The opening parade (Sun 15 June) was a colourful occasion with a strong Latin American carnival atmosphere.

Glasgow West End Festival

Syttende Mai

The Norwegians celebrate their national day on Syttende Mai or May 17,

Norwegian National Day 1

an occasion that features children's parades all over the country,

Norwegian National Day 2

with many turning out in the traditional costume bunad.

Norwegian National Day 3

Check out the album and videos for more coverage of the event in 2008:

Picture 1(click!)