Canine Issue II

Danshui 淡水 • Taipei 台北

Taipei Dog Signboard


Singapore Dog Signboard 1

Singapore Dog Signboard 1


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What is a Haggis?

If you are asking that question or planning a wild haggis hunt in Scotland, check this out at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow. The exhibit is my personal favourite in the museum!

Kelvingrove Haggis 1
Kelvingrove Haggis 2
Haggis exhibit at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow (2008)

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Canine Issue


Dog Waste Dublin

Translation: Use your head...or even better...USE DOG WASTE BAG!!

Dog Waste Oslo


Dog Waste Glasgow

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Animals and Finance

Advanced Financial Economics exam question:
What do the bull, the bear and the bird have to do with financial markets?

Frankfurt bull bear

Frankfurt bull bear
The bull and the bear in front of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (2006)

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  • Investopedia: Where did the bull and bear market get their names?


How much is that doggie and gin and rum in the window?

Doggie in the window
Shop front window display of a liquor store (off-license) at Royal Mile, Edinburgh (12/2007)

Busy Like a Bee

If I am ever going to start a mood updater in this website (as the one in facebook), I'd begin by updating from THE PREVIOUS MOOD to THIS CURRENT ONE. Inspired by Bee Movie? Maybe...BuZzzzzz

Bee on a flower
Taken in Tøyen museum park, Oslo (07/2006)

Dolly the Sheep

This extraordinary sheep hit the headline in 1997 as the world's first cloned mammal, a testament to Scottish achievement in biotechnology. Dolly has now assumed a new educational role in the National Museum of Scotland.

Dolly the sheep
Dolly the sheep
"Dolly the sheep" in the Connect Gallery of the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh (12/2007)

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Rudolph Quiz

Which of the following pairs are Rudolph's parents?
A. Dasher and Dancer
B. Prancer and Vixen
C. Comet and Cupid
D. Donner and Blitzen

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Reindeers in Skansen
Reindeers grazing in the Skansen zoo, Stockholm (04/2006)

What Animal Are You?

I got this interesting question the other day, "What animal are you?". Eagle, the king of the sky , always sounds like a good answer...but at the moment, I think something else fits me better :-P

slug in forest
A slug, Isle of Mull, Scotland (04/2007)