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Norwegian Stave Chruch

Stave churches are wooden churches from the Middle Ages in the Scandinavia, particularly Norway. Many of the Norwegian stave churches are well-preserved and can still be found throughout the country. I find the architecture of these churches to be some of the most intriguing in Europe. The pictures here show Gol Stave Church and Garmo Stave Church, which I have visited.

Gol Stave Church 1
Gol Stave Church (built 1235-1265), currently housed at the Norsk Folkemuseum in Oslo

Gol Stave Church 2
The altar and interior decorations of the Gol Stave Church

Garmo Stave Church
Garmo Stave Church (built 1190-1225), currently at the Maihaugen Museum in Lillehammer


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