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Walking Man

If you happen to stroll along Leopoldstrasse in Munich, be prepare to meet the gigantic Walking Man. Hidden from tourist maps, this 17-metre-tall bold white sculpture belongs to the Munich Re Group, a large reinsurance company, that also owns the office building behind it.

Walking Man Munich 1

Walking Man Munich 2
Walking Man by Jonathan Borofsky in front of the Munich Re office building at Leopoldstrasse (06/2008)

Excerpted from Munich Re Group (Source):
Walking Man, 1995 The area in front of the building on Leopoldstrasse is dominated by the sculpture "Walking Man". The 17-metre-tall, 16-tonne figure by the American artist Jonathan Borofsky, with its dynamic, out-reaching form, stands in contrast to the strictly geometric pattern of the facade behind it. As it strides out, the sculpture gives the impression of striving forward and serves as a symbol for a society geared to performance and dynamism.
© Munich Re, Munich